About Us

Did you know that only 3% of Indian women exercise! This is primarily due to lack of time, body image issues and lack of a platform to find a qualified female fitness professional who can train them according to their unique requirements.

FindYourFit is a holistic fitness platform for women, by women. We offer personalised and goal oriented fitness sessions, nutrition plans and mindfulness sessions by women fitness professionals.

You will get a chance to train with some of the best women coaches in the industry based on your fitness goals at the comfort of your home. Along with that, we have created a panel of some of the most experienced nutritionists who will help you with a personalized nutritional plan best suited according to your lifestyle. And what’s more? We have carefully curated one-on-one mindfulness sessions for you, so that you not only take care of your body but also your mind.

FindYourFit was started by two young women, both of whom have a love for fitness and a passion for helping others. We know what it’s like to be starting out, so we’ve designed our platform to be user-friendly and accommodating for anyone.

Simply reach out to us at social@fyf-online.com and embark on your physical fitness, mental wellness and nutrition journey with us.


Meet the people building FindYourFit

Arushi Lohani - Co-founder and CMO of FindYourFit app
Arushi Lohani

Co-founder and CMO

Ankur Lohani - Co-founder and CEO of FindYourFit app
Ankur Lohani

Co-founder and CEO

Aditya Sanghi - Angel Investor and Tech Advisor of FindYourFit app
Aditya Sanghi

Angel Investor and Tech Advisor

girl in pink suit speaking on stage
Reshma Tilwani

Marketing Team

Indian man
Yash Agarwal

Product Head