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The FindYourFit is a great place to meet people with the same fitness interest and skill level as you.

Don’t cycle alone again!

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At FindYourFit, we appreciate all forms of cycling and want to help cyclists connect with one another to get the most out of their riding. You can find all types of cycling buddies – those who cycle for leisure and those who cycle for speed and competition.

Make new friends in your locality and form a community around cycling

When you cycle with someone, the experience is more fun and enjoyable. You can chat as you ride and get to know one another better. FindYourFit helps cyclists find people who share the same love for cycling, so you can make new friends in your locality and form a community around cycling.

Choose the best app to find a cycling partner and find one that matches your skill level to ensure that you don’t stay behind and push harder to achieve your fitness goals.

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What are the benefits of cycling every day?

Increased muscle strength and flexibility

Increased cardiovascular fitness

Decreased body fat levels

Improved posture and coordination

Decreased stress levels

Enhanced endurance

Increased cardiovascular

Increased muscle
strength and flexibility

Improved joint


Decreased stress

What will you need after you find the right partner for cycling?

Some cycling essentials that we recommend you to carry include:

Padded shorts



Water bottle

Cycling shoes

Find the perfect cycling buddy