Lose Weight With PCOS: 10 Tips by FindYourFit Dietician for Women

Lose Weight With PCOS: 10 Tips by FindYourFit Dietician for Women


Before proceeding with the discussion on how to lose weight with PCOS, we need to understand the term PCOS. It expands as POLYCYSTIC OVARIAN SYNDROME. It is a hormonal disorder that involves irregular menstrual cycles, one or both ovaries getting tiny cysts, and the rapid increase in male hormones in the body.

 Every 1 in 10 women who are of reproductive age have this disorder and they find it more difficult to lose weight than women without PCOS. It even becomes harder when women who are already overweight and obese find it difficult to lose weight with PCOS. They are exposed to numerous risks like cancer, diabetes, heart disease, etc. It can even lead to infertility if not cured. 

However, if the right precautions are taken in the right direction, then there is definitely a ray of hope to cure this disorder. Weight loss during PCOS improves fertility, hormonal levels, irregular periods, ovarian function, unwanted hair growth, and other diseases. 

It’s time to discuss the most awaited tips to lose weight while having PCOS.

1. Reduce your carb intake

Carb impacts badly on insulin. It is the situation when cells stop affecting the hormone insulin. Insulin is the backbone of controlling blood sugar levels and restoring overall energy in the body. In one study case, women with PCOS and insulin resistance conducted a task in which they followed 40% carbs, and 45% fat in 3 weeks, and then in the next 3 weeks, they followed 65% carbs and 25% fat. They took 15% protein in both phases. After thorough research, it was found that blood sugar levels were similar in each phase. But her insulin level went down to 30%.

2. Get plenty of fiber

It is one of the good options because by consuming this, you won’t be feeling hungry. If a higher intake of fiber is taken, then insulin resistance will be reduced along with total body fat and belly fat for the women who have PCOS not without PCOS. 

3. Eat enough protein

It mainly stabilizes the blood sugar level in the body. It reduces cravings for other food and helps in burning more calories. In a study, women who consumed high protein lost an average of 4.4 kgs (9.7 pounds) after a period of 6 months. If you are still wondering about the amount of consumption of protein in your daily life then increase the same. Protein includes eggs, nuts, dairy, meat, and seafood.

4. Eat healthy fats

You will be satisfied with your diet if you are consuming healthy fats. It is true that healthy fats contain calories but they will expand the stomach volume and you won’t crave more food. You will start feeling like you consume less during the whole day. Healthy fats include avocado, olive oil, and nut jars of butter. You can also add some protein sources so that you don’t feel the need to have snacks and meals.

5. Eat fermented foods

Healthy gut bacteria boost metabolism and help in maintaining overall weight. Women without PCOS have a good amount of healthy gut bacteria in their bodies but women with PCOS may have fewer and to fulfill the requirement of this, they need to consume certain foods like yogurt, kefir, sauerkraut, and other fermented foods. 

6. Practice mindful eating

Practicing mindful eating aids in losing weight. Women with PCOS who adopt dieting are three times more prone to eating disorders. And that’s why mindful eating is the one-stop solution for weight loss. It gives a push to maintain bodily cues, such as hunger. It also controls binge eating and emotional eating. 

7. Limited processed foods and added sugars

You need to strictly avoid fast food and unhealthy foods in your daily routine. Processed foods and added sugars are harmful as they increase the level of blood sugars in the body and may increase insulin resistance and as a result, it will lead to obesity. After thorough research, it was found that women with PCOS do suffer from higher blood sugar levels and insulin levels if they consume the same amount of sugar as women without PCOS. Moreover, experts suggest that women with PCOS must cut sugar and intake of carbs to lose weight. Foods like cakes, cookies, candies, etc. must be avoided.

8. Reduce inflammation

Inflammation is the direct response of your body to injury and infection. But if we talk about chronic inflammation which is quite common in women with PCOS it is often related to obesity. The two main enemies of this are sugars and processed foods. The Mediterranean diet helps a lot in this case. It includes foods such as fruits, vegetables, whole grains, olive oil, and omega-3-rich foods such as fish that safeguard against inflammation.

9. Don’t undereat

Metabolism is the part and parcel of your body. If you consume very few calories, it will impact your hormones that control appetite as well. There was one study in which the person did restrictive dieting that led to modifying the hormones leptin, peptide YY, cholecystokinin, insulin, and ghrelin. All these escalated the appetite and therefore the person experienced weight gain. It will be better to consume healthy foods instead of cutting down on excess calories. 

10. Exercise regularly

Exercise is known to be one of the best methods to decrease weight. Though, women with PCOS may lose less fat than women without PCOS. But still, it will show a great result with regard to loss of belly fat and improvements in insulin sensitivity. You can also do weight training with the help of a trainer


Losing weight isn’t a cakewalk, especially for women with PCOS. Highly processed foods and inflammatory foods are harmful to your health. Increase intake of protein, healthy fats, and fiber that result in weight loss. 

Apart from all this, stress management and having sound sleep are also crucial for leading a healthful life.

So, if you are severely suffering from PCOS and struggling to lose weight, give it a try to the above- mentioned tips.