Is It Possible For PCOS Patients To Lose Weight



 6 Tips to lose Weight For PCOS Patients

Around 4% to 20% of reproductive-aged women have polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) and those who are suffering from this problem often find it more difficult to lose weight than those without PCOS. But along with gaining weight, we also suffer from increased stress levels.  Because of the increasing insulin, the fat gets stored over a period of time. The hormonal imbalances with respect to PCOS can cause obesity, increase cravings, and hence it becomes quite difficult to lose weight.  If you are having this problem, then you aren’t the only one, more than 80% of women are suffering from this problem. 

But after all this, we all should be hopeful and expect the best. If you rigorously work on your metabolism, endocrine, reproductive, cardiovascular, and psychological features, you will definitely sail through. So, YES! It is possible to lose weight with PCOS.

Here are some useful points to consider for PCOS patients: –

1. Be patient with your progress

Shunning weight is no less than an arduous adventure but it doesn’t mean that it is impossible to do so. It takes more time to lose weight than for women without PCOS. You may not observe the changes for months but it will surely benefit you if you are patient with your progress. If you don’t lose weight as you expected then consuming a healthy diet and exercising daily will save you from long-term health issues like diabetes and cardiac diseases and in case of exercising would do away with acne, excess hair growth, fertility problems, and heavy periods.

2. Exercise regularly

which amounts to 30 minutes per day. It will improve your overall health along with managing weight. According to various studies, women with PCOS find it way tougher in losing weight than those without.

You can experiment with these tips: –

Try out some hobbies

You may be pissed off with exercising daily but are not getting results. You can have alternatives to it like playing a team sport, jogging with an audiobook, or hiking with friends on weekends.

Make a routine

Don’t keep focusing on exercising daily, brainstorm your mind, and read self-help books to keep yourself motivated and free from any anxiety. 

Small efforts turn into a big ones

Something is better than nothing. Even if you put 10-15 minutes daily into your activity then it is worth it. You can simply walk, or do yoga. Keep yourself busy and get engrossed in movements.  

Maybe consider hiring a female fitness trainer.

3.  Balance your diet

The diet isn’t the same for everyone. People with PCOS should add proteins, vegetables, and healthy fats along with reducing carbs and sugars.

You can follow the below-mentioned tips: –

Add proteins and vegetables to your diet-

Adding these to your diet, will reduce the blood sugar level and hence lead to eradicating overall health problems.

Don’t cut carbs completely-

If you ignore the carbs completely, your body won’t recover. Though it is better to consume a small number of carbs which can help in the reduction of weight. 

You can also hire an online dietician for women to help you make an effective diet plan

4. Don’t over-restrict calories or over-exercise

Excess of everything is bad. You may be irritated with the weight. You might be thinking that in spite of putting in so much hard work, you are not getting results. And then you start thinking of skipping a meal and exercising intensely. Doing all this, won’t fetch you fruitful results. Skipping calories will lead to nutritional deficiencies and it can also lead to the regaining of weight. And doing intense workouts may lead to serious injuries to your body and may take months to recover.

Keep a balance of everything so that you don’t face any hazardous consequences.

5. Consider medication

There isn’t any treatment for PCOS but following some medications will help you to get rid of this problem to some extent. Combine these medications with exercise and healthy eating. The results will get doubled.

Some tips for medications: –

Blood sugar medication-

If you have PCOS then you may develop diabetes at a very young age. You will get a symptom of type 2 diabetes if it is not treated well on time. Your doctor may prescribe you some medications to fight insulin resistance if you have high blood sugar. Metformin is the most useful medication for lowering blood sugar levels.

Oral contraceptives (birth control)-

It helps in regulating hormones and along with it, it can also reduce irregular periods and excess hair growth. 

Weight management medication-

A healthy diet is a foremost thing to follow. But still if you aren’t feeling any change in your body, then it would be better to see a doctor and follow the medications as prescribed by him.

We have mostly talked about physique but what about mental health? Some people are just pissed off with their health and are suffering from depression, and anxiety. In case of this, you may seek a doctor’s help who would also assist you in taking care of your mental health. It will give you a sense of relief and make your lifestyle stress-free.

6. Talk to a doctor for help

The problem of PCOS is something that can’t be ignored. If you have tried your best to take into consideration everything like taking a healthy diet, exercising, etc., and now you feel nothing is working in your favor then you should consult a doctor who will not only suggest you medications but also provide you some strong tips about mental health. It is seen in most cases that people implemented the doctor’s advice and it changed the lives of so many people. 

You need to trust the process. Just be regular with the routine suggested above and you will definitely see changes in your body. Rome wasn’t built in a day. Everything takes time. Whatever you do, just do it with a positive mindset and with full determination to fetch fruitful results. 


In conclusion, losing weight with PCOS is possible with a few simple lifestyle changes. Eating a balanced diet, getting regular exercise, and managing stress can all help PCOS patients to lose weight. Additionally, certain medications can help to regulate hormones and reduce symptoms. With the right plan, you can make progress toward your weight loss goals and improve your PCOS symptoms.