10 Remarkable Benefits of Working Out With a Fitness Buddy

remarkable benefits of fitness buddy

Getting a workout partner is one of the wisest decisions you can make if you’re having trouble staying motivated or simply want to get more out of every workout you do. In fact, choosing the correct workout partner can frequently mean the difference between mediocre and amazing results. Even if you discover that you perform better on your own, the correct workout partner might challenge you to access those additional strength and energy reserves in order to complete a few extra reps. With these qualities in a workout partner, you can get remarkable results. 

Listed below are a few benefits of having a workout buddy:

1. They can help you reach your fitness goals.

Here’s an intriguing bit of data: Stanford University has discovered via ongoing research that getting a call every two weeks can increase exercise participation by up to 78%. (on average). The call, which could have been made by a human or a computer, would ask how much exercise had been done the previous week, how it could be increased the following week, and if any workouts had been missed, how important it was to get back on track. Get this: they continued to exercise at the higher intensity after 18 months.

The lesson to be learned from this study is that social support, even over the phone, is effective. Therefore, when you provide that support in person, it is even more effective because you are more likely to stick to your workout schedule. The sooner you reach your fitness goals, the more consistent you are with your workout schedule.

2. Working out is a lot more fun!

It’s acceptable to have fun while getting a hard exercise in. In fact, the more enjoyable your workouts are, the more likely you are to look forward to them and stick with them over time. There is no question that the correct workout partner may increase the enjoyment of your workouts. Simply having that social contact, being able to joke, encourage, and motivate, can make them much more pleasurable. Working out alone can be isolating.

3. New workouts are simpler to try.

There is, as they say, strength in numbers. It’s far less frightening to start using the gym, attending new programmes, hitting the free weights, or even just experimenting with new fitness equipment when you have someone else with you (e.g. kettlebells). Get a friend in gym if you’ve always wanted to try yoga, weight training, or a Crossfit session.

4. Help you keep your form in check.

A seasoned personal trainer who could demonstrate the ideal form for your exercises would make the ideal training partner. But if your workout partner has even a modicum of experience, they ought to be able to assist in correcting any evident form issues. Remember, it’s still crucial to work with a trainer to ensure proper form, particularly when beginning new exercises.

5. You perform better when there is competition.

Most people have at least a small amount of competitiveness, and healthy competition is beneficial since it improves performance. Interesting research on this topic revealed that individuals perform better when matched with an exercise partner who is more physically fit than they are. The study also discovered that your workout partner should be roughly 40% better than you are in order to boost motivation, which is a difficult but doable objective for you to reach. The Köhler Effect, or simply not wanting to be the weakest link, is a phenomenon that occurs when you pair up with a partner who is more physically fit than you are.

6. Inspires and encourages you.

For the majority of people, having someone on your side significantly affects your level of motivation. Your commitment to your fitness goals and your belief that you can succeed will increase if you have a supportive and encouraging workout partner.

7. There is no room for your ego

Sometimes a little ego creeps in when people start seeing success from their efforts. A good workout partner will acknowledge your sense of accomplishment and confidence in your abilities while also encouraging you to improve. This will keep you grounded and motivated.

8. It becomes safer for you to exercise.

Workouts are much safer when you have a spotter for the bench press and squats. Additionally, running with a friend makes it safer than running alone at night when you go for a jog. 

9. Gives your workouts variation.

Your workout partner is more knowledgeable and skilled than you are, and you may take advantage of this by learning new exercises, proper form, regimens, and active methods from them. Variety is one of the essential elements of fun, so when you can try new things during your workouts, you’re far more likely to keep up with them.

10. Increases your commitment to working out drastically

It’s one thing to skip a workout on your own, but it’s much, much tougher to skip a session when you know you’ll be disappointing your exercise partner. Not to mention the criticism you’ll likely receive when you next see them. In addition, planning your workouts in advance to accommodate your workout partner’s schedule is necessary. Once something is written down and scheduled, it is far more likely that you will follow through with it.

The Bottom Line

In summary, there are various advantages of a fitness buddy as it is a sure-fire way to stay motivated. It can help inspire you to keep on going, and it’s also a great way for you to relieve stress. A fitness buddy can push you to go that extra mile at the gym, and whether it’s for fitness or health, having a fitness buddy can be a worthwhile investment.