10 kickass exercises that you can do with a fitness buddy!

10 kickass exercises that you can do with a fitness buddy!


We’ve all heard the saying that some things work better together. According to studies, having a friendly workout partner will help you exercise more frequently.

The following are ten awesome exercises that promote teamwork during workouts.

1. Russian twist pass

Set your backs to one another and space them slightly apart. In order to maintain balance, each partner raises their legs into a tabletop position with their knees bent at 90 degrees. You could add further support by touching your shoulders.

Partner A hands the medicine ball to Partner B on the left side of the body, while Partner B reaches for the ball on the right. Partner A holds the medicine ball at chest height. As Partner B turns to the left to complete the circle, Partner A receives the ball back.

Throughout the action, maintain your abs tight to prevent low back pressure. Quickly pass the ball without tossing it.

2. Overhead pass with squat

Stand next to each other with a few inches between you. Partner A is holding a medicine ball above while performing this activity. Partner B raises his or her arm and takes the ball in the air before both partners crouch down.

Partner B passes the ball back and forth between their feet so that Partner A can pick it up and continue. Do 8-12 Partner A is holding a medicine ball above while performing this activity. between their feet, rolling the ball.

3. Partner floor slams

Stand with your partner, a few feet apart. Partner A begins by holding a medicine ball overhead and throwing it to the floor, so it bounces once before reaching Partner B.

Do 10–15 repetitions of each exercise with Partner A holding the medicine ball overhead while Partner B catches the ball and raises it overhead.

4. Side pass

In a standing position with knees bent and abs contracted, the partners stand about five feet apart. Holding the medicine ball at hip, Partner A throws it sideways to Partner B, who gently moves it past his hip and tosses it sideways back to Partner A.

Then throw the ball back. Concentrate on throwing the ball sideways and catching it in a slight twist as you throw it back. Count 10–15 reps on each side, then switch sides.

5. Forward-backward lunge with pass

A forward lunge will be performed by one of you while a backward lunge is performed by the other.

Partner A is holding the medicine ball at the chest as the partners stand facing each other, roughly a foot apart. Partner B takes a stride backward with their left foot as partner A advances with their right.

Both sag into a lunge by bending the front and back knees 90 degrees while maintaining a straight back, strong abs, and knees over ankles. Partner A hands the ball to Partner B as they both push off and come back to the starting position at the bottom of the lunge.

While Partner A moves backward with their right foot, Partner B advances with their left foot. Both make a lunging motion.

Partner B hands the ball to Partner A at the bottom of the lunge. To get back to the beginning position, both of them push off.

6. Jump squat

For this exercise, you’ll need two resistance bands.

Holding the ends of each resistance band with arms outstretched, face each other while standing.

There should be a slight strain in the band. Send your hips back, bend your knees, maintain a tight core, and lower while keeping your arms in the same place.

Jump up in unison while holding the band taut and your arm posture. On your toes, gently land, then quickly lower once again.

7. Press and row with a partner

For this maneuver, you’ll need two resistance bands.

Partner B is looking at Partner A’s back since Partner A is positioned a short distance in front of Partner B and facing the same direction.

Partner A holds the other ends of each resistance band while Partner B holds one end in each hand. Partner A advances till there is just a hint of strain in the bands. Partner A does a chest press with staggered feet for more stability.

Raise your arms to your sides with your elbows 90 degrees bent to complete the chest press. As you move forward, keep your arms parallel to the ground and extend your elbows fully. To move the band, pay attention to using your back and chest rather than just your arms.

Partner B finishes a row at the same time by bringing the bands up, flexing the elbows, and squeezing the shoulder blades together.

Try to time the exercise so that Partner A is completely extended in the chest press and Partner B is at the top of the row (with elbows bent) (arms straight). Perform 8–12 repetitions, then swap positions.

8. Band sprint

Partner A holds both ends of a resistance band as it is wrapped around Partner B’s waist. Partner A braces their core, flexes their knees slightly, and moves their hips back for stability.

Partner B runs ahead until the resistance band is taut, then alternates between sprinting in place or doing high knees for 30 seconds. Backtracking to the starting location, partner B jogs. Then the partners trade places.

9. Full-body rotation and the lunge

Holding a resistance band’s end in each hand, two people should stand side by side. To create a slight tension in the band, place your feet far enough apart.

Lunge forward simultaneously with your outside leg (right leg for the person on the right, left leg for the person on the left). Lunge forward while keeping your back straight, core strong, and both knees bent to around 90 degrees.

Maintain holding the band as you rotate away from one another at the bottom of the lunge. Ensure that your abs are firm, and only rotate your upper body (no pressure on your low back). Rotate back to the middle and raise yourself to the starting position. Before swapping sides, perform 8–12 repetitions.

10. Rotating the trunk

For this maneuver, you’ll need two resistance bands.

As you face each other while holding the ends of a resistance band, loop one around their waist.

To maintain proper alignment and a tight core, rotate your torso to the right while your partner does the same to rotate in the other way.

Repetition, this time rotating to the left (so you still rotate in opposite directions.) Both directions should be taken slowly. After 12 to 15 repetitions, rotate in the opposite way.

The Bottom Line

In conclusion, these exercises aren’t easy but they are fun, especially when you are paired up with a partner, these exercises will definitely burn calories. A fitness buddy can be your number one motivation to get in shape. There are various benefits of working out with a fitness buddy as you can work out together, be each other’s accountability partner, motivate each other to stick with it, encourage each other, and laugh together. Grab a friend or a workout buddy and change your life with one of these exercises.