EmpowerED : A School Health and Wellness Program

Health and education go hand-in-hand. In recent years, global health challenges have made it apparent that students must be in their utmost health to grasp and learn. Mentally and physically fit students are better learners. A healthy school environment can support the overall wellbeing of the school community.

FindYourFit’s EmpowerED school health and wellness program strives to promote a healthy and vibrant environment for children to help them achieve their full potential in their formative years.

What is EmpowerED?

EmpowerED is a school wellness program that aims to help children realize their full potential and become mentally, physically, and emotionally healthy adults. With interactive webinars led by experts like Amrita Tripathi, students are enlightened with topics like nutrition, stress management, mental wellness, and active living.

Behavioural, physical, and emotional well-being are critical components of a learning environment. Educators and parents should consciously work alongside each other to promote social, physical, and emotional well-being in a holistic approach. This is when school wellness programs step in.

EmpowerED partners with schools to develop strategies to improve teaching and learning performance in schools.

Importance of School Health and Wellness Programs

Children face constant peer pressure to perform well in all forefronts. This being said, they become highly vulnerable in the formative phase of life and need an environment that can help them manage stress and other fears in daily life. This is when schools can play a pivotal role in creating strategies to support student wellbeing.

School health programs strive to create awareness and understanding of the overall wellness of children through a whole-school approach.

EmpowerED- What We do

FindYourFit’s EmpowerED initiative focuses on instilling health and wellness at a young age by arming students, teachers, principals, and the school community as a whole with the right information to pave the way for a brighter and healthier future.

Our core focus is promoting health and wellness in schools through workshops and webinars for school staff via experts to deepen their understanding of health and wellness concepts and implement them in the school environment. EmpowerED focuses on the following areas of health and wellness through a comprehensive whole-school health approach:

Mental Wellness

School is a place where children spend their maximum time. This is why it is crucial to emphasize the importance of mental health among students. EmpowerED through classroom activities for mental health aims to reduce fear, stress, nervousness, and other triggers while nurturing emotional wellbeing and helping children cope with mental and emotional stressors.

Hygiene Education

Hygiene and health are interdependent. One of the significant benefits of wellness programs in schools is that they inculcate good hygiene habits in students. EmpowerED encourages good health practices for girls as well as boys improving quality of life and educational outcomes.

Healthy Eating Practices

FindYourFit’s EmpowerED initiative is pioneering in promoting health in schools by integrating fitness and nutrition and encouraging healthy eating habits. Our wellness program encourages school staff and parents to encourage children to make healthy choices and develop positive eating¬† habits.

Student Wellbeing Activities

EmpowerED includes regular physical activities, mindful practices such as deep breathing and meditation, nutritious meals, and wellness programs to help students manage academic pressure and improve brain function and problem-solving skills.

Building Healthy Communities with EmpowerED

At FindYourFit, we firmly believe that schools must promote learning beyond classrooms. Educational institutions should focus on intellectual development and building social skills like compassion, empathy, and collaboration. Through counselling, interaction sessions, curricular activities, and meditation sessions, EmpowerED ensures children’s intellectual and overall development.

Outline of Our School Wellness Programs:

  • Tailored activities curated for different age groups
  • Collaboration with parents to instil wellness routines at home
  • Nutritional education to address dietary needs & restrictions and promote healthy eating practices.
  • Interactive sessions to engage students in fun activities and discussions.
  • Expert guest speakers sharing personal valuable insights and experiences
  • Q & A sessions to address parents and students concerns

Wellness programs are essential for physical, social, and emotional well-being in schools to foster a healthy and positive learning environment for students and educators.

School health and wellness programs benefit students, teachers, principals, caregivers, and the community at large. They can help enhance mental, social, and physical well-being, reduce behavioural issues and absenteeism, improve academic performance and creativity, reduce health risks, and set examples for other educational institutions.

EmpowerED helps students discover ways to effectively deal with the uncertainties and challenges of the world and come out as companions. To learn more about EmpowerED or partner with us, contact FindYourFit today.

5 Benefits of Wellness Programs in Schools

Schools play a vital role in the holistic development of students. These program aims to incorporate strategies to improve performance of teaching and learning in schools. EmpowerED strives to create a healthy environment for teachers and students while enhancing their emotional and social wellbeing. Our wellness program is curated to helping students with mental health issues, manage emotions, deal with challenges, and grow up to be confident individuals.

  • Reducing Stress: One of the major benefits of wellness programs in schools is stress reduction. In the highly competitive world, children are vulnerable to stress, depression, and anxiety. EmpowerED tailors anti-activities through games, exercise, and other activities for different groups of ages to manage stress effectively and make learning a fun experience.
  • Promoting the Importance of Mental Health Education: EmpowerED is determined to nurture the emotional well being of teachers, students, and parents. The program offers confidence and skills that will aid with early intervention. Our program is curated on protective elements that will prevent mental illness at a young age.
  • Cultivating Healthy Eating Habits: FindYourFit’s school wellness program aims to nurture children’s habits and develop healthy eating habits while reducing common behavioural issues.
  • Enhanced Academic Performance: A healthy mind and body can do wonders. Healthier students are less likely to miss school due to illness. This results in minimal academic distractions and consistent learning. The benefits of learning physical education aimed at students help improve academic performance and creativity that, in turn, support the school’s progress.
  • Reducing Health Risks: One major benefit of good mental health for students through wellness programs is reducing health risks and improving their overall wellbeing. Depression and anxiety are major concerns of parents and teachers. We create a supportive environment where students feel valued and heard. This helps build stronger relations with teachers, increased engagement, and fewer behavioural issues.