How FindYourFit made Nimisha consistent with her workout routine by finding her a fitness buddy!

Case study of Nimisha using FindYourFit App

Meet Nimisha, a 22-year-old girl living in New Delhi who recently graduated from Delhi University. She was one of the first users on FindYourFit. She started her journey with us in January 2022 and has been a loyal user since then. One of the key behavioral changes that was seen in her was the fact that she became more consistent with her workout routine and was motivated in her fitness journey. Let us tell you how it all began for her.

Before FindYourFit

She knew that she always wanted to be fit and healthy. She was well educated about the importance of leading a fit and healthy lifestyle and knew the actionable steps she had to take to do so. But the biggest problem was that she lacked the motivation to accomplish her fitness goals. Even though she had all the resources, fitness apps downloaded on her phone and the annual gym membership, she realized she was just not consistent enough in her fitness journey. And she knew that this had to change for her. And it was at that moment that one of her friends introduced her to FindYourFit. 

After getting to know about FindYourFit

It was in January 2022 that Nimisha made an account on FindYourFit. Her friend had told her how she could find a fitness buddy based on her fitness interests and skill level near her location. She was told that she could find someone who could accompany her in fitness journey by motivating her to be more regular and consistent. 

Nimisha had always wanted a gym buddy who could accompany her to her nearby gym or just workout together at a park. She knew that it would be a great idea for her to find someone just like her, with the same fitness goals and interests as her to help her get moving. So she signed up on the FindYoutFit app. 

The sign up process was simple and easy for her to complete in just a few seconds. There were basic questions that she needed to fill apart from filling out her fitness interests and skill level. She could see lots of profiles of people who had the same fitness interests and skill level as her. The biggest bonus was- they were all near her location. It was only after a few days of her being on the workout buddy finder app that she found an ideal fitness buddy who shared the same interests as her and was at the exact skill level with similar fitness goals that they wanted to achieve! This was the time she met Neha. 

The transformation that took place after using the FindYourFit app!

Nimisha’s activity levels were at an all time high. She was consistent and motivated. Initially she used to go to the gym once or twice in a week but this changed to a minimum of 4 times in a week! Nimisha and Neha helped to push each other off the couch and to get moving. They became a source of inspiration for each other and helped each other reach their fitness goals. 

From being unmotivated to workout to having a consistent workout routine, Nimisha had a transformational journey with FindYourFit. 

She is still one of our active users. She has made many new friends who are on the same journey as her and they all keep pushing each other to reach their goals and be the best version of themselves. 

These are exactly the kind of stories that drives the FindYourFit team to keep doing more!