10 Practical Reasons Why You Should Call A Dietician Now

Photo Showing Diet and Dietician

Sometimes, we don’t understand the correct diet plan in order to maintain our overall health. We just follow the basic diet and expect our bodies to be in proper shape. Have you ever thought of referring to a dietician? If yes, you must be wondering how it would benefit you

There are zillions of information about consuming a proper diet on the internet. You must have noticed that everybody has different opinions about diet. So, in this situation, you get perplexed about which one to choose and follow. Isn’t it? 

Not only this, but you may also follow the other person who has lost weight and you also want to do the same. But remember, everyone has a different capacity to consume depending upon the immune system, body weight, skin type, etc. So, copying others in the name of the diet won’t suffice the requirement.

Here are 10 reasons why you should call a female Indian dietician now:

1. For weight loss

A dietician will help you in both gaining as well as losing weight. They will guide you about the number of calories you should consume each day in order to meet your weight requirements. 

Apart from that, if you are on for weight loss, he will help you get the necessary nutrients and vitamins. Because when you lose weight, you may cut certain required nutrients and minerals which can affect your health adversely. 

On the other hand, if you are gaining weight, you may be missing some important nutrients, and all are totally dependent on processed foods for meeting the calorie requirement. 

In either case, a dietician will provide you with a proper diet plan so that you don’t miss out on any nutrients or minerals which are crucial for your body.

2. Having Diabetes

If a person is suffering from diabetes, they have a high blood sugar level. High glucose level leads to multiple health issues. If it is not controlled well on time, it can lead to long-term effects like heart attack and stroke, and problems in kidneys, eyes, feet, and nerves. 

But the positive side of this is that these long-term effects can be controlled. A dietician will help you prepare a food chart to be consumed. He will tell you about carbs, fiber-rich foods, good fats, and what to be consumed for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. 

3. Weight Gain

Weight gain isn’t a negative term. People always focus on losing weight. If you consume good fats, then you are good to go. Your dietician will help you to follow certain weight-gaining fats so that you can stay away from fast food and obesity. He may recommend you consume eggs, meat, milk, fish, bananas, etc, that provide strength, agility, and energy and improve the cardiovascular system.

4. Building Muscle Mass

Along with weight loss and weight gain, building muscle mass has become vital to improve health. It has many benefits like slowing down your age, preventing lower back pain, enhancing your appearance, improving sports performance, boosting psychological well-being, promoting bone health, and enhancing your level of functional fitness. 

A dietician will make you prepare a list that helps in building muscle including eggs, salmon, yogurt, tuna, shrimp, soybeans, cheese, etc. 

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5. Sensitive to a type of food

Food sensitivity is a serious issue that people face nowadays. It triggers an IgG reaction in your system that is a delayed immune response. Food sensitivity can cause an unusual chemical reaction in our body that irks us and we have to seek the advice of a doctor but it would be much better if we see a dietician for this problem because he will suggest such meal plans that will never go wrong and you will never face such sensitivities in future.

6. Increase athletic performance

If you want to boost your athletic performance then it would be better if you seek a dietician along with a trainer. There are certain types of nutrients that are quite crucial for the body to perform better. It needs sufficient levels of electrolytes for hydration. 

Other than this, you need calcium for bones and muscles, glucose for glycogen stores in muscles, and amino acids for muscle recovery and growth. These are just the tip of the iceberg. But after seeking the help of a dietician, you will be able to make your own timetable for a diet and perform better in athletics. 

7. Avoid diseases

With the increasing climatic conditions, pollution is rising at an alarming rate inviting numerous diseases like lung cancer, heart attacks, dull skin, weakening immune system, etc. the pesticides that people add to the food go straight to our body and affect it adversely. 

We see a recent deadly virus called Covid 19 that took away so many lives around the globe. To get rid of all this, you need to see a dietician. Eating healthy is fine but in what quantity and at what time, this is more important.

8. Vegetarian diet

There are still many people who aren’t fond of non-vegetarian food. And they aren’t aware of what to include in their diet so that they can fulfill the requirement of non-vegetarian supplements. A dietician will help you with what to eat by avoiding non-vegetarian food along with fulfilling the requirement of its supplements. 

9. Pregnancy

During the gestation period, there are so many nutrients that unborn babies need. E.g., extra calcium, omega-3 fatty acids, etc. Your dietician will suggest to you the right amount of nutrients for the growth of your baby. They will also advise you on what to take and what to avoid.

10. Develop healthy eating habits

It is not mandatory that you need to have some problem to seek a dietician. You may also seek him for your healthy lifestyle. It may seem unnecessary but a healthy lifestyle will keep you away from diseases and you can live your life smoothly without any worries.

Seeing a dietician is helpful for your health. However, people are becoming aware of food habits but a correct food chart will ease your life and you can live your life happily without any diseases.