10 Types of Workout Buddies

10 Types of workout buddies

It’s not simple to find your workout buddy. Someone to cling onto and rely on going forward… However, you have more soulmates than just your partner.

There’s also your office spouse or husband—that coworker to whom you confide everything. Then there is your book club buddy who enjoys the same plots and detests the same books as you. Of course, you also need a workout partner to keep you accountable for your daily sweat sessions and meal preparation.

Choose carefully because you’ll be spending a lot of time with your workout partner. There are some traits your friend should have, while there are some you should absolutely avoid. Here is a guide to the many exercise partners you may meet and the qualities of a great swolemate.

1. The cardio freak

Whatever the subject, as long as it gets the blood flowing and the perspiration streaming, she’s up for an exciting session. Being in motion and dancing next to this Energizer rabbit is incredibly inspiring; if your spirits are flagging, he’ll keep you going. 

2. The downer

Exercise is difficult enough as it is; don’t make it more difficult by having a bad attitude. When you’re trying to maintain positivity during a challenging training session, avoid partnering with someone who deflates morale.

Studies have found that social interaction, in addition to actual participation in the activity, is a significant factor in determining your interest in it. So be sure to pick a partner as well as an activity that you enjoy.

3. The chatterbox

It’s difficult to carry on a conversation while working out, whether you’re pushing through a cardio session or lifting weights. Although it would be impolite to ignore the chatty Cathy, doing so could impede you from getting the most out of your workout.

In fact, having an internal dialogue during your workouts can be more beneficial than listening to someone else talk nonstop. A study published in the Journal of Psychological Sport and Exercise found that this technique, known as “self-talk,” is beneficial for both motivational (i.e., mastery and drive) and cognitive (i.e., skill-specific and general) goals. Therefore, don’t let other people’s words prevent you from maximizing your PR.

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4. The friendly competitor

If your workout companion is a little competitive, that doesn’t matter. Head-to-head cycling competition has been shown to motivate athletes to improve performance. You’ll be motivated to perform better than you imagined you could on your own if you have some friendly competition in the weight room or on the track. Having a workout buddy is beneficial if he or she is more knowledgeable than you. 

5. The flaky one

You arrange to go running at 7 a.m., but 15 minutes have passed, and they are still dozing off. If you only had a dollar for each time The Flake had taken advantage of you. Recognize them for what they are—enthusiastic, entertaining buddies who, when they do show up, really enhance your workout. They aren’t, however, individuals you can depend on. So long as you have someone person you can rely on to be your workout partner for the day, encourage them to participate.

6. The muscle burner

He is knowledgeable with the top pre-workout supplements. She can explain how your gluteus maximus and adductor longs vary, as well as which workouts target each. Only if you’re ready to put up with all the technical speak, is this friend a great companion.

7. The drama queen

The room is either too warm or too draughty with this workout partner, so there is always something wrong. Either the equipment is too new and complex or it is too old and broken. Whatever you do, you’ll never be able to satisfy The Drama Queen completely. It’s generally preferable to get rid of this kind of friend and look for someone who isn’t as high maintenance because this will unavoidably prolong the act of exercising with a workout buddy for however long.

8. The one-trick pony

Everyone has encountered someone who believes that whatever they are doing, be it a diet or a training regimen, is the sole appropriate course of action. Yes, a low-carb diet might have helped her lose a few pounds, and minute-long planks might have helped him develop stronger abs. But it doesn’t necessarily mean it will work for you, just because it did for your friend. Take this kind of buddy’s counsel with a grain of salt and determine what kind of exercise regimen is ideal for you.

9. The recovery expert

There are some days when you simply need to unwind, watch a lot of Netflix. A skilled exercise partner will know when to let you unwind and how to make the most of your downtime, so your muscles can recuperate completely. They constantly encourage you to foam roll, and they offer the best, most wholesome refreshments for you to enjoy on rest days

10. The motivator

The couch can’t be occupied for too long, though! It’s critical to have a support network to keep you motivated on the days when you’re just not in the mood to exercise. The perfect workout partner will be able to motivate you when you can’t get going on your own.


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