How to Find Someone To Play Badminton with?

Badminton Buddy

Badminton is not a single player game and one needs a partner. It’s not quite easy to find a badminton buddy in your area. In addition to this, due to different work schedules or other priorities, the timings may differ. 

Don’t worry, the FindYourFit got you covered. 

There are various ways in which a person can find a badminton buddy. Some of them are directly visiting badminton courts and asking the players whether they are available for playing. Apart from that, social media apps like facebook and instagram might help because they have many groups on which you can post your requirements. However, the quickest way is to find a badminton buddy such on Find Your Fit events as the platform is designed to match the user with their badminton partner. 

Badminton is a very strategic sport and a great way to exercise the whole body. In order to become a stunning badminton player, one should have light fast speed, good footwork and strong technique. 

In this blog post, we will share some tips that help an individual in finding a fitness buddy in a specific area. 

Let’s Jump in!

1. Use Social Media Apps

Well, finding a badminton partner is easier on social media apps. To elaborate it, people usually post their interests on social media profile bio and if they are into badminton, then the possibility is that this keyword will be contained in their bio. Once you search “badminton” in the keyword and filter the results on the basis of the locality, the app will display a list of people that are interested in badminton. 

Moreover, there are lots of sports related groups on these networking apps. One may join these groups and post the requirement. Further, one will also get updates on the upcoming events in his or her hometown and participate in these sports competitions. 

In addition to this, the users also post their activities in the form of reels or stories, so don’t forget to check their profile and dare to ask them for a match. In this way, you expand your own network and find a friend to play badminton with as well.

2. Ask People At Work

The workplace can be a goldmine for finding a person of similar interest. Here, you should have to find a physically active working colleague and if you are working in an MNC or large company, the possibility of finding one is more. The next step is to ask them what they do to remain physically fit. 

If they are into badminton, congratulations, you have found yourself a badminton buddy. Having a colleague as a badminton partner will not only cater new friendships but also you can discuss work related problems with them.

3. Direct Method

This method is for my extroverted friends and for them initiating a conversation is easy. In this method, you have to ask a badminton player directly to play a match with them and if you have similar skill level or their performance is better than yours, you should ask this person directly about becoming a partner in badminton. 

Having a badminton buddy also facilitates in playing double badminton matches and interestingly, when you know the other person in and out, it helps in improving the output of the team and enhances teamwork. 

4. Use Badminton Buddy Finder Apps

There are various apps that help users in exploring a badminton friend in their neighborhood. These apps use your location and show you the users that are active in your area and are looking for badminton partners. Using artificial intelligence these apps will match the users with a person having the same skill and fitness goals. 

So, if you are looking for such a type of app then Find Your FIt is for you. Besides this, you may also get notified whenever any badminton related event will happen in your locality and you can also create your own event and invite other players to play with you. Ultimately, this is a must have app in your mobile phone. 

5. Ask in Your Circle

Nobody comes to you and asks you to become their badminton partner. So, the best thing is to approach these kinds of people in your friend circle. You can put up an instagram or snapchat story so that your friend circle knows you are in search of a badminton buddy. 

Finding a badminton buddy starts with just one simple question – Asking if anyone is interested. You can ask your family, friends, relatives, colleagues, acquaintances and so on. You will be amazed by how many people will respond to your request if you are persistent. 

Besides this, there are many fitness groups related to badminton in your city which you can join and introduce yourself to the other players of your city. This will help you in finding a right fit and also an opportunity to enhance your badminton skills, as when you practice with these players, your badminton skills will also flourish. 

Now, let’s look at some of the basic questions that arise in the mind of players. 

What is the right age to join badminton?

Badminton is an amazing game and the crowd loves to watch this game from the benches but this question often comes up, what is the right age to join badminton?

Everyone can play this game, whether you are a kid, aged adult or older citizen as a hobby. This is the beauty of this game. However, if you are looking to build a career in this sport then according to PV Sindhu who is the badminton queen of India, a kid should start training at 5 to 8 years of age and the stats shows us that at international level, adolescent players are preferred more as compared to old players. 

Instead of this, badminton is a remarkable sport to stay fit as it involves the movement of the entire body and neuromuscular coordination. Also, many senior citizens have been seen playing badminton in courts as compared to adults. 

Is height important in badminton?

The physical structure of one’s body sometimes aids in one sport and on quite a few occasions it hinders the performance. The same is in case of badminton and the question of height doubts badminton players – 

Yes, height does affect performance in badminton. The reason behind this is that if a person is tall, he or she can cover the court area more as compared to shorter height individuals. Even, the height will aid in jump smashes and provide better defense. Besides this, a person can also take parallel shots efficiently. 

In badminton, it all depends on how you use your strengths and identify competitors’ weaknesses. Exploiting these weaknesses will result in winning the game. For instance, Nozomi Okuhara is the shortest badminton player with height 1.55 m and she had won gold against India’s badminton player PV Sindhu who was 0.25 m taller than her. So, it all depends on how you play this game.